India SFTGFOP1 Tonganagaon Black Tea (80g)


The particularly large leaves of this tea come from the garden of Tonganagaon, in North East India. The strong malty flavour is in perfect harmony with the honey sweetness that you can detect in the undertones. The warm, red-golden cup already hints at the delicate spiciness of this tea.


Did you know that:

- this tea comes from Tonganagaon Tea Estate in northeastern Indian state of Assam, which is known for its wildlife, archeological sites and tea plantations.

- black tea is considered a classic among hot drinks,

- shortly brewed black tea is stimulating because of the contained caffeine. After a longer infusion time the caffeine is more and more tied by the tannines and therefore less and less stimulating.

SFTGFOP1 Tonganagaon Black Tea

SKU: 72964
  • Ingredients:

    100% SFTGFOP1 Tonganagaon Organic Black Tea

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 12-15 g/l

    Time: 3-5 Min

    Water Temperature: 100 C

  • Package:

    High Quality Security Sealed Tin 80g