China Premium Pu Erh Menghai Five Years Black Tea (80g)


This loose Pu Erh owes its unique flavor of bitter chocolate, dried fruits and peaty molasses, to five years of aging. For decades, the Menghai Pu Erh manufactory has been known for finest Pu Erh enjoyment. Brewed, it produces a deep red-coloured cup.


Did you know that:

- Premium Pu Erh Menghai Five Years tea comes from the Qingmao tea trees of the city of Pu'er in the Chinese province of Yunnan. This ancient tea variety has been grown there for almost 2,000 years,

- Chinese medicine still draws upon the health-promoting properties of Pu Erh tea today. It is said to bring the Yin and Yang of the body into harmony,

- Pu Erh is considered a delicacy amongst connoisseurs. Due to its special fermentation process, it differs from both the classic green tea and other black teas,

- Pu Erh reveals its character layer by layer; unlike most green and black teas, its quality and flavour enhance with age. Its maturation process takes at least five years when produced using traditional methods, 

- For Pu Erh, the same applies as for high-quality wine: the older, the better!





Premium Pu Erh Menghai Five Years Black Tea

SKU: 79040
  • Ingredients:

    100% Premium Pu Erh Menghai Five Years Organic Black Tea

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 10-12 g/l

    Time: 3-5 Min

    Water Temperature: 100 C

  • Package:

    High Quality Security Sealed Tin 80g