Matcha Blend - Ginger Lemon Taste (30g)


Refreshingly different is this Matcha: with a pleasantly spicy ginger note and fruity lemon accents, the blend of Matcha brings a refreshing relief to the palate. 


Did you know that:

- Matcha is considered to be the best, healthiest tea and superfood par excellence. With its extremely high concentration of valuable vitamins, caffeine, amino acids and cell-protecting antioxidants, Matcha is unique.

- it is no ordinary green tea powder. For four weeks before being harvested the tea plants are shaded, to have the leaves grow more slowly.

- Matcha is ground in stone or granite mills as slowly and carefully as possible. Each production step is carried out with the utmost care and attention, bringing the drink to its fullest richness.

- preparation of Matcha is a ritual in itself - see here how to make Matcha.

Matcha Ginger Lemon - Matcha Blend

SKU: 79044
  • Ingredients:

    Green Tea Matcha*, ginger powdered*, spirulina*, natural flavouring, acerola*. *Certified organic

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 1 g/l

    Time: 0.25 min

    Water Temperature: 80 C

  • Package:

    30g Tin