China Jasmin Silverneedle White Tea (40g)


The jasmine flowers used in this top-quality tea are plucked during the night, when the amount of essential oils is at its highest. The delicate tea buds are harvested by hand and mixed with the flowers for seven days, so that they take on the sweet jasmine aroma. You should definitely try this fragrant and sweet, yet savory, premium tea - it’s a real treat!


Did you know that:

- Jasmin Silverneedle tea comes from Fujian, a southeastern Chinese province known for its mountains and coastal cities,

- originally, white tea comes from China and is traditionally considered as particularly healthy,

- white tea is regarded as the world’s noblest tea variety, because for this tea only the unopened buds and the most delicate leaves are harvested in spring,

- thanks to especially delicate processing, white tea retains its original mildness and when brewed up, tastes fresh and lightly sweet.


Jasmin Silverneedle White Tea

SKU: 72959
  • Ingredients:

    100% Jasmin Silverneedle Organic White tea

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 12-15 g/l

    Time: 1.5-2 Min

    Water Temperature: 70-80 C

  • Package:

    High Quality Security Sealed Tin 40g