Herbal Blend - Anis-Mint Taste (100g)


A hot cup of fennel, aniseed and caraway is known to be good for your digestion. Together with hop blossom, chamomile and lemon balm, it creates a delicious and soothing blend for irritated stomachs. 

Friendly Belly - Herbal Blend

SKU: 292519
  • Ingredients:

    Balm*, chamomile (16%)*, fennel (11%)*, liquorice root*, anise*, caraway*, carrot*, peppermint*, hop petals*. No added flavouring. *Certified organic

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 12-15 g/l

    Time: 7-10 Min

    Water Temperature: 100 C

  • Package:

    100g high quality zipper bag

    50g high quality security sealed tin