White Tea Fruit Herbal Blend - Bergamot Taste (40g) 


A classic reinterpreted. White Dragon Silver Needles tea is refined with elegant oil of bergamot. This creates an unprecedented aroma spectrum that will delight your senses.


Did you know that:

- originally, white tea comes from China and is traditionally considered as particularly healthy,

- white tea is regarded as the world’s noblest tea variety, because for this tea only the unopened buds and the most delicate leaves are harvested in spring,

- thanks to especially delicate processing, white tea retains its original mildness and when brewed up, tastes fresh and lightly sweet.

Finest White Dragon Silverneedle Earl Grey White Tea

SKU: 79030
  • Ingredients:

    China White Dragon Silverneedle*, Bergamot Oil*.

    *Certified organic 

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 12-15 g/l

    Time: 1.5-2 Min

    Water Temperature: 60-65 C

  • Package:

    High Quality Security Sealed Tin 40g