China Golden Beauty-Pearls Huang Di Oolong tea (80g)


This excellent Oolong tea is like liquid gold in the cup and its destinguished aroma can be sensed from the moment it's poured. Huang Di means "emperor" in Chinese - a name that emphasies the prestige of this rare speciality. Its light Assam character is accompained by a gentle sweetness and combines spicy, sweet nuances for a truly majestic tea-drinking experience. 


Did you know that:

- during the harvesting, ripe leaves such as the so-called ‘fourth leaf’ are also picked, which is what makes Oolong leaves different from the familiar green or black tea leaves that are used,

- among experts, Oolong is regarded like a good wine, which unfolds its complexity and smoothness after being stored correctly for a certain length of time,

- Oolong tea combines the taste of green and black tea in one single cup. Its secret is a perfectly timed oxidation process. This is what gives our oolong organic tea its unique full-bodied, balanced aroma.

Golden Beauty-Pearls Huang Di Oolong Tea

SKU: 72961
  • Ingredients:

    100% Golden Beauty-Pearls Huang Di Organic Oolong Tea

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 12-13 g/l

    Time: 3-4 Min

    Water Temperature: 100 C

  • Package:

    High Quality Security Sealed Tin 80g