Black Tea Fruit Herbal Blend - Strawberry-Lemon Taste (100g)


The perfect balance between fruity and bitter! The strong, dark aroma of the black tea is skilfully underscored by the sweet notes of the strawberries. A slight touch of lemon rounds off the summery synergy.


Five simple steps to perfect Alveus IceTea:

- Fill the tea into the filter,

- Insert the tea filter into a tea pot and put hot water over it,

- Remove the tea filter once the tea has been infused,

- Place the tea into a refrigerator and

- Enjoy your ice tea! 



Black Ice Tea - Black Tea Fruit Herbal Blend

SKU: 291802
  • Ingredients:

    Black Tea Assam, -South India*, basil*, lemon peels*, natural flavouring, lemongrass*, strawberry*. *Certified organic

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 12-15 g/l

    Time: 3-5 Min

    Water Temperature: 100 C

  • Package:

    100g high quality resealable zipper bag