Green Tea Fruit Herbal Blend - Pomegranate-Mint Taste (100g)


Green tea is well-known for its anti-oxidant properties that have a positive effect on cell aging. But with us, healthy also means enjoyable, because the balanced aromas of pomegranate, lime and peppermint in our Beauty Teas will take your senses on a relaxing journey.

Beauty - Green Tea Fruit Herbal Blend

SKU: 292588
  • Ingredients:

    Green Tea China Sencha*, spearmint*, ginger*, goji berry*, natural flavouring, curcuma*, pommegranate*, rose petals*. *Certified organic

  • Preparation:

    Qty: 12-15 g/l

    Time: 2-3 Min

    Water Temperature: 75-80 C

  • Package:

    100g high quality resealable zipper bag

    70g high quality security sealed tin