Why I converted to tea as a coffee junkie: Confessions of an 'addict' who loves/d both sides

A tea manufactory makes a tea-coffee comparison? All right, thinks the reader. First, the facts about tea and coffee. And secondly, the writer could also write texts for coffee, but has opted for tea. Admittedly not immediately, but rather an odyssey through countries and time.

Having grown up in the Viennese coffee culture, I loved to sit in the traditional, somewhat overcrowded Viennese coffee houses. A melange, the famous water glass and a spoon on top.

Or the Italian espresso bar: caffe´ doppio, per favore. The elixir machine was thrown on, knocked, steamed and hissed. And the barista was the personified good taste. At home the espresso maker whistled. In the office, the coffee machine clattered. I enjoyed the absolute all-round supply of coffee.

The change from coffee to tea did not happen overnight. First I left the sugar out. Two months later the coffee and discovered tea.

Coffee or tea? The aroma comparison

Coffee has about 600 different aromas. Coffee is never completely natural and left in its natural state. Coffee must always be roasted! Only the Maillard reaction gives the coffee its typical taste, which I loved.

The more tea I tried, the more taste I discovered. Tea can taste very fine as well as finely spicy of fresh herbs and seduce with tender, floral accents. Also vegetable notes among other green beans, spinach and fennel unfold again and again in the tea.

Some teas are reminiscent of white wine - peppery, nutty and citrus fruits, white elderberry blossoms, honeydew melons and apricots. Tea can also impress with flavours that everyone associates more with red wine. The round dance begins with tangy fruit, berries, opulent fruit-sweet-acid play up to an exotic flair.

In addition, tea can advance into the fifth dimension of taste: umami. A hearty, spicy, fleshy taste that is becoming more and more popular alongside the well-known sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

And probably the most unbelievable kind: tea can fascinate like ancient whiskey or cognac with woody, warm earthy to peaty and even smoky aromas.

Tea offers a total of 3,000 different tea varieties. The natural aromas that go with it are innumerable - especially the combinations. All in all, one can say that tea offers almost all tastes of this earth.