Why Choose the Best Quality and Organic Green Tea?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

The world of green tea attracts with enticing aromas and delicious flavours. Most beginner tea drinkers start off with tea bags from any tea brands with mixed results.

Green tea is notorious for having bitter flavors, but that's usually because people use low quality tea leaves, brew at incorrect temperatures, or steep the bags for too long. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and guidance, you can achieve a more complete and enjoyable green tea drinking experience.

Tea tastes better when it is made using loose leaves (or pyramid bags) instead of classic tea bags. Green tea bags are often chosen because they are easy to use. Unfortunately, tea bags usually also contain the lowest quality tea leaves. They are filled with broken leaves, dust, and residues of the green tea leaves, resulting in lower flavour quality. The tiny bags also prevent the leaves from fully expanding and releasing flavour.

Brewing with loose leaves results in a fuller flavour profile since the leaves can expand completely during infusion. Loose leaf teas and pyramid bags also generally consist of complete, unbroken leaves thus delivering better health benefits and taste.

Organic teas are the best option because they do not contain harmful chemicals or additives. These chemicals can alter the flavour of the pure green tea and may result in negative side effects.

When choosing your tea, always keep quality in mind. Green tea tastes best when the leaves are of highest quality and possibly organic.

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