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Matcha - The Super Fast Superfood

Matcha is considered to be the best, healthiest tea and superfood par excellence. With its extremely high concentration of valuable vitamins, caffeine, amino acids and cell-protecting antioxidants, Matcha is unique. And with about 20 seconds preparation time, Matcha is probably the fastest superfood in the world.

But because you can't save time in sum, the breeding and processing of Matcha requires a lot of time. There are many myths about the millennia-old green tea plant for Matcha. The cultivation is carried out by a few tea farmer families. Breeding and care of the tea plants are characterized by tradition and experience. The shading of the young leaves is a kind of secret knowledge. Depending on the weather, it begins or lasts differently and drives the unique active ingredients into the tea leaves.

Japan's Green Gold: Matcha

During processing, the rich leaves are separated from the stems and freed from the leaf veins. The pure flesh remains, the pure active ingredient of the tea leaf: the so-called 'Tencha'. The Tencha is briefly dried and roasted again so that it can be finely ground - extremely fine. The special granite grinders take about an hour to grind 30 grams of Matcha powder.

Coffee versus Matcha

Matcha, like no other tea, has a stimulating effect. The contained L-Theanine calms and allows at the same time a high concentration, which lasts for a long time. Also in comparison with coffee, the effect of which decreases rapidly after only one hour, the invigorating effect of Matcha lasts for at least six hours and sneaks out afterwards.

Matcha - absolute Superfood with L-Theanine

Matcha offers a unique combination of caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine. L-Theanine passes directly through the blood-brain barrier into our grey cells and catches the less good properties of caffeine (restlessness, nervousness). In addition, L-Theanine relieves anxiety and stress. At the same time it increases the ability to concentrate, memory works better, attention is more conscious and focused.

With Matcha and L-Theanin to the Superbrain

Studies have shown that L-theanine uptake makes it easier for the human brain to enter the alpha wave range. The alpha state is seen as a bridge between consciousness and subconscious. Ideal to develop innovations, for creative work or to generate new ideas and, ... to meditate.

9 green teas = 1 Matcha

If green tea is traditionally infused with 70° to 80° water and left to brew for 2 - 3 minutes, only about 10% of the active ingredients contained in the tea leaf end up in the cup. 90% remain in the tea leaf. With Superfood Matcha, the tea leaf is of a better quality in advance and due to the very fine grinding, you drink 100% of the active ingredients with Matcha. A Superfood cannot offer more.

Matcha ready to eat in 20 seconds - Superfood for the office and in between

Matcha is ideal for quick preparation. Unfortunately, the traditional tea tradition still discourages some people. Tea ceremonies are impressive experiences if you have time and muse. But it can be a bit more pragmatic for everyday life. How good that Matcha doesn't even need a brewing time and is ready in 20 seconds.

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