Alveus Rarities - An Exquisite Tea-drinking Experience!

We proudly present some delectable rarities from the world’s most remote and small tea plantations. Only a few kilograms of these teas are harvested per year and their special character and unique aromas have been cultivated and refined over centuries.

Rare black tea - for about 200 years, the tea has been fermented deliberately to obtain aromatic black tea that has become so popular around the world. Over time the fermentation process has been refined, which has led to different methods and therefore different tea varieties.

Rare Oolong tea - the multifaceted diversity of an Oolong tea is primarily determined by the skill of the tea master, who, thanks to perfect sensitivity, knows just when to interrupt the oxidation process during the fermentation.

Rare white tea - white tea is regarded as the world's noblest tea variety, because for this tea only the unopened buds and the most delicate leaves are harvested in spring, Thanks to especially delicate processing, the tea retains its original mildness and when brewed up, tastes fresh and mildly sweet.

Rare green tea - despite their thousand-year-old tradition, our classic green teas are perfect for a modern and energetic lifestyle. Green tea is not oxidised, and is thus particularly rich in valuable ingredients. Our organic green tea awakens your spirits in the most elegant way.

Alveus Rarities - an exquisite tea-drinking experience for everyone who loves a special treat.

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