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Alveus Herbal - Nature's Soothing Helpers

Everyone feels under the weather sometimes, but it's not always necessary to take medicine for this. A slightly scratchiness in your throat or a rumbling stomach... we are proudly presenting Alveus Herbal for moments like this!

For dry coughs here's "Fresh Breeze", whose combination of lime blossom, eucalyptus and peppermint is soothing for your respiratory tract.

To create a brief moment of calm take "Calm Down", which unites nature's best - lemon balm, fennel and valerian.

When you need a perfect companion during cold, dump and grey days, choose "Stay Strong" which will bring smile on your face with its fennel, apple and peppermint.

A hot cup of "Friendly Belly" is known to be good for your digestion. Fennel, aniseed and caraway, together with hop blossom, camomile and lemon balm, create a delicious and soothing blend for irritated stomachs.

The therapeutic herbs in whole Alveus Herbal range soothe milder complaints and are a delight for the palate at the same time.

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